Arlen R. Marshall

   Branch: U. S. Army


   Status: Living

   Date of Service:  1967-          1969 (Vietnam War)

   Home Town:  Bagley

Arlen R. Marshall

Arlen R. Marshall    US Army

Arlen Richard Marshall was born February 21, 1948 at Bagley, Minnesota to Earl and Sophie Hendrickson Marshall.  Earl was a North Dakota native who moved to this area in 1920 and married Sophie Hendrickson on December 22, 1930.  Earl and Sophie had three daughters: Dorothy, Edith and Irene and four sons: Donald, Clifford, Harvey and Arlen.

Arlen grew up on his parent’s farm and attended school at Bagley, graduating in 1967. He entered the Army in 1968 and was sent to Vietnam as a member of the 1st Cavalry. He was discharged in 1969. He married Diane Jacobson on May 26, 1967.

Arlen presently lives in Bagley.

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