Danvy Marlow Larson

   Branch: U. S. Marine Corps


   Status: Living Veteran

   Date of Service: Vietnam Era

   Home Town: Bagley

Danvy Marlow Larson

Danvy Marlow Larson was born March 13, 1954 in Bagley to parents Marlow and Ariel Larson. He grew up in Bagley and attended Bagley schools. He graduated from Bagley High School in 1972.

Danvy entered the U.S. Marines Corps on October 18, 1972 and was sent to the Recruit Depot at San Diego. He took advanced training in Anti-tank Assault and Amphibious Recon at Camp Pendleton California. He was sent to the Marines Barracks at Camp David for duty with the 8th & I Battalion Security Company, A Company, 4th Recon Battalion, 4th Marine Division. He received an honorable discharge on October 15, 1976.

Danvy presently lives in San Antonio, Texas.


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