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Link to Vet BioVeteran's Last NameVeteran's First NameBranch of ServicePlotSideRow, From Bottom
Allen AamodtAamodtAllenUS Army4West5
Roy A. Abraham Sr.AbrahamRoy A. SrUS Army5West1
Colton C. AdamsAdamsColton C.US Marine Corps6South2
Leo R. AltendorfAltendorfLeo R.US Army9North1
Roger "Terry" AlthoffAlthoffRoger "Terry"US Army12East1
Earl AmesAmesEarlUS Army1North-
Harry L. AmesAmesHarry L.US Army1North2
Kenneth AmesAmesKennethUS Army1North2
Joseph Anton AmundsonAmundsonJoseph AntonUS Army13East2
Clarence A. AndersonAndersonClarence A. US Army6East2
Conrad Alexis AndersonAndersonConrad AlexisUS Army4North2
Earl AndersonAndersonEarl US Army4North2
Emil E. AndersonAndersonEmil E.US Army12North2
Erick AndersonAndersonErickSwedish Army6West5
Gerald "Gerry" AndersonAndersonGerald "Gerry"US Air Force6West4
Hans U. AndersonAndersonHans U.US Army WW II5West2
Hans Ulrik AndersonAndersonHans UlrikUS Army4West1
Harold Walter AndersonAndersonHarold WalterUS Army Korea11North5
Herman C. AndersonAndersonHerman C.US Army8East1
MSG Stephen D. AndersonAndersonMSG Stephen D.US Army4South4
Raymond D. AndersonAndersonRaymond D.US Army9East1
Robert F. AndersonAndersonRobert F.US Army5South2
Robert L. AndersonAndersonRobert L.US Army12West2
Russell Anderson Jr.AndersonRussell, Jr.US Army1South4
Severin AndersonAndersonSeverinUS Navy10North1
Robert E. ArchibaldArchibaldRobert E.US Marine Corps WW II11North1
Richard M. ArnoldArnoldRichard M.US Army8North1
Ronald A. ArnoldArnoldRonald A.U S Marine Corps8North1
George "Porgy" AuginaushAuginaushGeorge "Porgy"US Army12North3
William Auginaush, Sr.AuginaushWilliam Sr.US Navy13West3
Philip Irving BagaasonBagaasonPhilip IrvingUS Army10South2
Francis "Fran" BagneBagneFrancis "Fran"US Army1East2
Ben Bailey Jr.BaileyBen Jr.US Air Force3North2
M/SGT Miles E. BakerBakerM/SGT Miles E.US Air Force4East1
S/SGT James M. BakerBakerS/SGT James M.US Air Force4East1
TDC James E. BakerBakerTDC James E.US Navy4East1
Ivan Christian BakkeBakkeIvan ChristianUS Army4South2
Olaf BakkenBakkenOlafUS Army10East3
Joe A. BalikBalikJoe A.US Army4East3
William BalikBalikWilliamUS Army5East3
Edgar F. BallBallEdgar F.US Navy WW II11West4
Michael Lynn BallekBallekMichael LynnUS Army10East1
Keith D. BarcusBarcusKeith D.US Army1West3
Jeffery BardwellBardwellJefferyUS Air Force8North3
Lester BardwellBardwellLesterUS Navy13North1
Lyle Rudolph BardwellBardwellLyle RudolphUS Army13North1
Joseph D. BaronBaronJoseph D.US Air Force6North2
Walter J. BaronBaronWalter J.US Marine Corps6North2
Frank A. BaughmanBaughmanFrank A.US Army1South4
James R. BaughmanBaughmanJames R.US Army1South4
Basil "Sarge" BaumannBaumannBasil "Sarge"US Army9North1
Floyd Glenn BaumannBaumannFloyd GlennUS Army2East2
Keith D. BaumannBaumannKeith D.US Army2East2
Clifford F. BeaulieuBeaulieuClifford F.US Army10East3
Leo Vernon BeaulieuBeaulieuLeo VernonU S Marine Corps5South4
Marion BeaverBeaverMarionUS Army Armor WW II11South3
Merlyn BeaverBeaverMerlynUS Navy WW II11South3
Willard BeaverBeaverWillardUS Army Air Corp POW11South3
Lester E. BeckBeckLester E.US Navy Seabees5East1
Vernon BeckmanBeckmanVernonUS Navy10North3
Vanallyn BeckstrandBeckstrandVanallynUS Air Force1East1
Thomas Albert BelcourtBelcourtThomas AlbertUS Army Air Corps13North1
Vernon J. BellandBellandVernon J.US Army Air Corps13East2
Christopher BellefyBellefyChristopherU S Marine Corps5North4
Joseph E. BellefyBellefyJoseph E.US Air Force8West2
Lawrence J. BellefyBellefyLawrence J.US Air Force5South2
Marvin Louis BellefyBellefyMarvin LouisUS Army5South2
Orville K. BellefyBellefyOrville K.US Navy11South2
Richard Larry BellefyBellefyRichard LarryUS Army10East2
Shelly R. BellefyBellefyShelly R.US Army11South2
Eugene Beltz Jr.BeltzEugene, Jr.US Navy1North3
Steven M. BeltzBeltzSteven M.US Army1West3
Bennie Joe BeneshBeneshBennie JoeUS Army/Merchant Marines5North1
Frankie John BeneshBeneshFrankie JohnUS Army5North1
Wencil BeneshBeneshWencilUS Air Force5North1
Gordon R. BensonBensonGordon R.US Army1South2
EN2 Maynard A. BensonBensonMaynard A. EN2US Navy5West2
Armand Erling BergBergArmand ErlingUS Air Force10South3
Emil A. BergBergEmil A.US Army4West1
Hartvig Emanuel BergBergHartvig EmanuelUS Army12West1
Joseph L. BergBergJoseph L.U S Marine Corps4West1
Rudolph "Bud" Berg Jr.BergRudolph "Bud" Jr.US Army2East3
Rudolph "Rudy" Berg Sr.BergRudolph "Rudy" Sr.US Army2East3
Daryl W. BergesonBergesonDaryl W.US Army12West1
Donald Walter BergesonBergesonDonald WalterUS Army2South1
Duane W. BergesonBergesonDuane W.US Army12West1
Theodore Berglund Jr.BerglundTheodore Jr.US Army3North3
Harvey Winton BergquistBergquistHarvey WintonUS Air Force4South2
Reuben Maloy BergquistBergquistReuben MaloyUS Army4South2
Steven D. BergquistBergquistSteven D.US Marine Corps4South2
James Ernest BerryBerryJames ErnestUS Air Force1North2
Wayne "Butch" BertholfBertholfWayne "Butch"US Army6East2
Arthur Palmer BestulBestulArthur PalmerUS Army9West2
Bennie I. BestulBestulBennie I.US Army3East3
Ernest M. BestulBestulErnest M.US Army4South1
Kenneth Orlin BestulBestulKenneth OrlinUS Air Force10West1
Ronnie E. BestulBestulRonnie E.US Navy4South1
John Rodney BinderBinderJohn RodneyUS Army3South3
Timothy BiocicBiocicTimothyUS Army2East1
Adolph L. BjerkeBjerkeAdolph L.US Army4North3
Gelloyd O. BjerkeBjerkeGelloyd O.US Army5North2
Dr. Peter C. BjornebyBjornebyDr. Peter C.US Army12East 3
Ervin Theodore BlixBlixErvin Theodore US Navy3East2
Donald "Donny" BlomdahlBlomdahlDonald "Donny"US Navy11West5
Arnold BoeBoeArnoldUS Army4South2
Gordon C. BoeBoeGordon C.US Army2North2
Henry "Hank" BoeBoeHenry "Hank"US Army2North2
James "Butch" BoeBoeJames "Butch"US Army2North2
Jeffery "Jack" BoeBoeJeffery "Jack"US Navy4North4
Lloyd K. BoeBoeLloyd K.US Army2North2
James "Jim" D. BoonBoonJames "Jim" D.US Navy5West4
Joe Matson BoonBoonJoe MatsonUS Navy5West4
Max E. BoonBoonMax E.US Army5West4
Wilburn David BoreneBoreneWilburn DavidUS Navy12North1
Donald Kenneth BraatenBraatenDonald KennethUS Army Air Corps8East1
Jeremy "Ross" BraatenBraatenJeremy "Ross"U S Marine Corps8East1
Kenneth C. BraatenBraatenKenneth C.US Navy1West2
Stanley Brewer Sr.BrewerStanley, Sr.US Army8East4
Robbin Wheeler BrightBrightRobbin WheelerUS Army5East3
Jack BromaghinBromaghinJackUS Navy1North2
David Delano BrownBrownDavid DelanoUS Air Force6North4
Floyd Leo BrownBrownFloyd LeoUS Navy3South2
Tracy L. BrumskillBrumskillTracy L. US Air Force1South1
Larry BrustadBrustadLarryUS Navy1North3
Leslie BrustadBrustadLeslieUS Navy1North3
Melvin Paul BrustadBrustadMelvin PaulUS Army1North3
Paul Melvin BrustadBrustadPaul MelvinUS Army1North3
Timothy R. BrustadBrustadTimothy R.U S Marine Corps4West1
Rick BubbersBubbersRickUS Navy9North5
James Douglas BufordBufordJames DouglasUS Army12North1
Jerry Allen BurdickBurdickJerry AllenUS Navy13North2
Donald "Bunny" BushBushDonald "Bunny"US Army10North2
John L. ByersByersJohn L.US Army Air Corps4West4
James Robert CairnsCairnsJames RobertUS Army11South5
Clarence F. CampbellCampbellClarence F.US Army9North3
Carl Edward CarlsonCarlsonCarl EdwardUS Army6West2
Herbert CarlsonCarlsonHerbertUS Army1South2
Phillip Austin CarverCarverPhillip AustinU S Marine Corps5West1
Richard I. CaswellCaswellRichard I.U S Marine Corps8North3
Kenneth C. CeaseCeaseKenneth C. US Navy2South5
Wayne E. CeaseCeaseWayne E.US Army2South5
Mayhlon Bruce CharlesCharlesMayhlon BruceUS Army3South5
Wilson CharlesCharlesWilsonUS Army8North3
Dillon Ray ChesleyChesleyDillon Ray US Navy3South1
Edward E. ChesleyChesleyEdward E. US Navy3South1
Loren D. ChesleyChesleyLoren D.US Army3South1
John Paul ChevalierChevalierJohn PaulUS Air Force10North1
Stephen "Slim" ChristensenChristensenStephen "Slim"US Navy1North4
Herman ChristiansonChristiansonHermanUS Army12South1
Sidney Albin ChurnessChurnessSidney AlbinUS Army12West2
Becky Blanshan ColebankColebankBecky BlanshanUS Navy---
James Robert ColliganColliganJames RobertUS Navy13South1
Lyle ColliganColliganLyleU S Marine Corps3South2
Ross W. ColliganColliganRoss W.US Air Force3South2
William "Bud" ColliganColliganWilliam "Bud"US Army9South1
Lawrence "Larry" CoulterCoulterLawrence "Larry"US Navy10West2
DeFrein George CourtneyCourtneyDeFrein GeorgeUS Air Force9South1
Harry Defrein CourtneyCourtneyHarry DefreinUS Marine Corps9South1
Ernest Coyle Coyle ErnestUS Army4East4
Roy Coyle Coyle RoyUS Navy8North2
Arnold W. CrandallCrandallArnold W.US Army3West2
Jacob CristCristJacobUS Army8South1
Bradford Bernard CulpCulpBradford BernardUS Army10West1
Edwin I. DahlDahlEdwin I.US Army Air Corps4North4
Arlan W. DahlkeDahlkeArlan W.US Army3West1
Carl W. Dahlke, Jr.DahlkeCarl W., Jr.US Army3West1
Henry E. DahlkeDahlkeHenry E.US Army5North5
Howard A. DanielsonDanielsonHoward A.US Army10West2
Stanley Gerhart DanielsonDanielsonStanley GerhartUS Navy13North3
Robert M. DanksDanksRobert M.US Army1North1
Thomas DavidsDavidsThomasUS Navy12North2
Gerald R. DavidsonDavidsonGerald R.US Army3West3
Dale Kenneth DavisDavisDale KennethUS Army Vietnam11West3
Gordon Robert DavisDavisGordon RobertUS Navy5North2
John Petrus DavisDavisJohn PetrusUS Army10North1
Richard "Dick" DavisDavisRichard "Dick"US Air Force2North2
SSGT Jesse N. DavisDavisSSGT Jesse N.US Army NG5West2
Henry A. "Doyea" DeweyDeweyHenry A. "Doyea"US Army8South3
Alfred "AC" DickDickAlfred "AC"US Air Force9North1
Roy Wallace DotenDotenRoy WallaceUS Army Air Corps10East2
Lewis Dean DoyeaDoyeaLewis DeanUS Army4North1
Larry M. DukekDukekLarry M.US Army5West5
Lester J. DukekDukekLester J.US Navy3North3
Robert P. DukekDukekRobert P.US Navy3North3
Roger L. DukekDukekRoger L.US Navy3North4
Ronald L. DukekDukekRonald L.US Air Force3North4
Stanley DukekDukekStanleyUS Army3North4
Wilmar "Alex" DukekDukekWilmar "Alex"US Army3North3
Edward David DuquetteDuquetteEdward DavidUS Navy9East2
Gerald Lyle DyrdahlDyrdahlGerald LyleUS Army3North1
Lester Howard DyrdahlDyrdahlLester HowardUS Navy10South1
Charles William EckEckCharles WilliamUS Army10North2
Everett Lloyd EckEckEverett LloydUS Army13North1
Rodney Parnell EckEckRodney ParnellUS Army9West1
Donald C. EddyEddyDonald C.US Army13West2
Elmer E. EdeenEdeenElmer E.US Army WW II1East4
Harold EdeenEdeenHaroldUS Army8West1
Byron EdevoldEdevoldByronUS Army5East1
Donald "Frank" EdgarEdgarDonald "Frank"US Army WW I11North3
Lorain Vernard EdmanEdmanLorain VernardUS Army WW II11East1
Fredie EhlersEhlersFredieUS Army WW I11West2
Ada EideEideAdaUS Army11South1
Edward EideEideEdwardUS Navy11South1
Elester EideEideElesterUS Navy11South1
Raymond Leo EidenEidenRaymond LeoUS Army Air Corps10West2
Einar EinevollEinevollEinarUS Army3North3
Even O. EkreEkreEven O.US Army4South3
Theodore "Sonny" EkreEkreTheodore "Sonny"US Armu8North3
Alton Bernard EldevikEldevikAlton BernardUS Army4South4
Clifford W. ElginElginClifford W.US Army Air Corps13South1
Edwin T. EliasonEliasonEdwin T.US Army1South2
Ralph EllisEllisRalphUS Army2West1
Arvid Raymond EmmelEmmelArvid RaymondUS Army Korea11West1
Ronald Leroy EmoryEmoryRonald LeroyUS Marine Corps9East1
William M. EndresEndresWilliam M.US Army Vietnam11North2
Dennis G. EngebretsonEngebretsonDennis G.US Army3West1
Einar M. EngebretsonEngebretsonEinar M.US Army4South1
Ludvik B. EngebretsonEngebretsonLudvik B.US Army Air Corps4South1
Lloyd EngenEngenLloydUS Army8East1
Norman A. EngenEngenNorman A.US Army6West2
James W. EricksonEricksonJames W.U S Marine Corps4West3
Larry Maynard EricksonEricksonLarry MaynardUS Army13South1
Orrin Edmund EricksonEricksonOrrin EdmundUS Army5East1
Teddy Gerald EricksonEricksonTeddy GeraldUS Army4North5
Terry Vincent EricksonEricksonTerry VincentUS Army8South1
Tyler Duane EricksonEricksonTyler DuaneUS Marine Corps6West4
CSM Daniel C. EssigEssigCSM Daniel C.US Army4North3
Kenneth Bruce EvansEvansKenneth BruceUS Air Force9North1
Walter H. EysterEysterWalter H. US Navy3South5
Charles R. FeatherolfFeatherolfCharles R.US Army13East1
Kenneth FeltFeltKenneth US Navy3East5
Emil Carl FieldFieldEmil CarlUS Army13South1
James G. FischerFischerJames G.US Navy4South3
Neal "Hook" FishFishNeal "Hook"US Navy9North5
Donald M. FitchFitchDonald M.US Air Force6North1
Edward FittjeFittjeEdwardUS Army WW II11West2
George FittjeFittjeGeorgeUS Army11West2
Herbert FittjeFittjeHerbertUS Army11West2
Herman FittjeFittjeHermanUS Army KIA WW II11West1
John FittjeFittjeJohnUS Army WW II11West1
Neil FittjeFittjeNeilUS Army Vietnam11West1
Paul FittjeFittjePaulUS Army11West1
Elmer FlawsFlawsElmerUS Navy5West3
Harry Thomas FlawsFlawsHarry Thomas US Navy1West2
Chris FletcherFletcherChrisU S Marine Corps2East1
Ervin FoldoeFoldoeErvinUS Army13West2
Kenneth James FoldoeFoldoeKenneth JamesUS Army8North3
Earl George FoxFoxEarl GeorgeUS Army5North1
Robert A. FoxFoxRobert A.US Air Force11North2
Art FradenburghFradenburghArtUS Army2North1
John Paul FraleyFraleyJohn PaulUS Army8South1
Benjamin FrankFrankBenjaminUS Army13East1
John A. FrankFrankJohn A.US Army1South3
Loren Earl FredenburgFredenburgLoren EarlUS Army12West3
Dean Martin FredricksonFredricksonDean MartinUS Army12North5
Douglas A. Fredrickson Fredrickson Douglas A.US Army4West3
Marvin Arthur FredricksonFredricksonMarvin ArthurUS Army10South3
Gordon L. FriborgFriborgGordon L.US Army3West4
Obert FriborgFriborgObertUS Navy3West4
Oscar FriborgFriborgOscarMerchant Marines3West5
Dale Loren FultzFultzDale LorenUS Air Force5East2
Wilbur Tennyson GambleGambleWilbur TennysonUS Air Force10East3
David T. GardnerGardnerDavid T.US Navy12North2
Harold GardnerGardnerHaroldU S Marine Corps3East1
Herman GardnerGardnerHerman US Navy3East1
Tom GardnerGardnerTomUS Army3East1
Harold GarlandGarlandHaroldUS Army NG13West3
Donald Vernon GedstadGedstadDonald VernonUS Army6South3
Arlo GerbrachtGerbrachtArloUS Army2East4
Gary GesellGesellGaryUS Army2North3
William "Billy" GesellGesellWilliam "Billy"US Army2North3
Russell Joseph GibeauGibeauRussell JosephUS Army Vietnam11West1
Irvin Richard GodtlandGodtlandIrvin RichardUS Army Air Corps13West3
Andy B. GodwinGodwinAndy B.US Air Force12East3
Arthur J. GohlGohlArthur J.US Army12North3
Bert Orben GoodGoodBert OrbenUS Army3South3
Cleve E. GoodwinGoodwinCleve E.US Army6West1
Marcell L. GoodwinGoodwinMarcell L.US Navy9North1
Donald GordonGordonDonaldUS Navy6North2
Gerald GordonGordonGeraldUS Navy6North1
Harold "Butch" GordonGordonHarold "Butch"US Army6North2
Harold "Sonny" GordonGordonHarold "Sonny"US Army6North1
Harry GordonGordonHarryUS Army6North2
Harry A. GordonGordonHarry A.US Army WW I6South3
Jerome D GordonGordonJerome DUS Army5West3
Kenneth GordonGordonKennethUS Navy6North2
Milton "Fats" GordonGordonMilton "Fats"US Army6North1
Robert GordonGordonRobertUS Army6North1
Wilton Pete GordonGordonWilton PeteUS Army6North2
Hale Glen GrabillGrabillHale GlenUS Navy6South2
Robert GranleyGranleyRobertUS Army8West1
Chef Tim "Red" GrenellGrenellChef Tim "Red"US Army2North3
Stephen Bruce GrimsleyGrimsleyStephen BruceUS Marine Corps6East1
Carl P. GroneGroneCarl P.US Army13South3
Gordon A. GubrudGubrudGordon A.US Navy13East1
Orville Richard GubrudGubrudOrville RichardUS Army9West3
Arthur "Art" GulbransonGulbransonArthur "Art"US Army5West2
Bennie O. GulbransonGulbransonBennie O.US Army WW II11East2
Elmer W. GulbransonGulbransonElmer W.US Army6East5
Gary GulbransonGulbransonGaryUS Army8South3
Gilmer GulbransonGulbransonGilmerUS Army5East1
Theodore GullingsrudGullingsrudTheodoreUS Army12North2
Gene W. GundersonGundersonGene W.US Air Force6North1
Iver GundersonGundersonIverUS Army3North5
Nels Gunder GundersonGundersonNels GunderUS Army9West2
Walter Arnold GunningGunningWalter ArnoldUS Army12East1
John "Ed" GustafsonGustafsonJohn "Ed"US Navy5East2
Lowell G. HagenHagenLowell G.US Navy10South2
Robert Julius HagenHagenRobert JuliusUS Navy6East4
Roger Elmo HagenHagenRoger ElmoUS Navy13West4
Alvin "Swede" HainHainAlvin "Swede"US Army2North1
David K. HallanHallanDavid K.US Army3West3
Kenneth H. HallanHallanKenneth H.US Navy9North3
Vernon O. HallanHallanVernon O.US Army3West3
Gary L. HalsethHalsethGary L.US Army8East2
Lloyd "Porkchops" HalsethHalsethLloyd "Porkchops"US Army8East2
Robert E. HaltermanHaltermanRobert E.US Army13East2
Clarence Ivan HalvorsonHalvorsonClarence IvanUS Army5North3
David C. HalvorsonHalvorsonDavid C.US Air Force6South3
Glenn O. HalvorsonHalvorsonGlenn O.US Navy5South4
James HalvorsonHalvorsonJamesUS Air Force5South2
Selmer T. HalvorsonHalvorsonSelmer T.US Army12North5
John O. HammerHammerJohn O.US Navy12East3
Ole HamreHamreOleUS Army13East1
Harold "Bob" HanseHanseHarold "Bob"Merchant Marines3North2
Hartvig Alfred HansenHansenHartvig AlfredUS Army13East3
Clifford Engvald HansonHansonClifford EngvaldUS Navy10North3
Donald Hough HansonHansonDonald HoughUS Navy8East2
Eugene L. HansonHansonEugene L.US Air Force2South4
Fred L. HansonHansonFred L.US Army WW II11West2
Frithjof J. HansonHansonFrithjof J.US Air Force2South1
Harlan Jerdine HansonHansonHarlan JerdineUS Navy2South1
Larry John HansonHansonLarry JohnUS Army10East1
Marvel O. HansonHansonMarvel O.US Army4West2
Nona Marie HansonHansonNona Marie US Navy3East5
Norris Leroy HansonHansonNorris Leroy US Navy2South4
Orville Berg HansonHansonOrville Berg US Navy2South1
Oswald F. HansonHansonOswald F.US Army2South1
Robert Duane HansonHansonRobert DuaneUS Air Force2South4
Eugene L. HarwoodHarwoodEugene LeslieUS Army Korea12North1
Greg Joseph HatchHatchGreg JosephUS Army6East5
Hallvard HaugenHaugenHallvardUS Army10East1
James Iven HaugenHaugenJames IvenUS Army WWII12East4
Alfred HausmanHausmanAlfredUS Army13North3
Aloys "Bud" HazeltonHazeltonAloys "Bud"US Army1West2
Charles Chancy HeathHeathCharles ChancyUS Army12South4
S. James HeathHeathS. JamesUS Navy11South4
John Albert HedinHedinJohn Albert, Jr.Merchant Marines6South3
Arthur HeggHeggArthurUS Army Korea12South2
Clarence Harold HellandHellandClarence HaroldUS Army Air Corps12East2
Christian O. HemmingHemmingChristian O.US Army8West3
Albert HendersonHendersonAlbertUS Army9South3
Larry A. Hendricks Jr.HendricksLarry A., Jr.US Army Vietnam12North3
Arnold F. HendricksonHendricksonArnold F.US Army6South1
Milton HenkeHenkeMiltonUS Air Force13North1
Chester "Chet" HesbyHesbyChester "Chet"US Army5South3
Jerry Leon HesterHesterJerry LeonUS Marine Corps10East1
Arnold Palmer HigdemHigdemArnold PalmerUS Marine Corps6South1
Brenton HigdemHigdemBrenton D.US Navy/US Army6South1
Donald HigginbothamHigginbothamDonaldUS Army13East1
E. Alvin HighbergHighbergE. AlvinUS Merchant Marines12North1
Edna M. HighbergHighbergEdna M.US Army WW II12North1
Joel HighbergHighbergJoelUS Coast Guard Vietnam12North1
Paul A. HighbergHighbergPaul A.US Marine Corps Vietnam12North1
Zeetle B. HillHillZeetle B.US Army WW II11South5
Leslie HinrichsHinrichsLeslieUS Army4South5
Wayne Allen HinrichsHinrichsWayne A.US Army4South5
Fred HlubeckHlubeckFredUS Army12West4
John M. HoffHoffJohn M.US Army6South2
Prudence O. HofmannHofmannPrudence O.US Army4South1
Axel HogbergHogbergAxelUS Army1North2
Dennis W. HohlerHohlerDennis W.US Navy2North1
Paul Richard HohlerHohlerPaul RichardUS Navy2North1
Arnold G. HoieHoieArnold G.US Navy4West4
Donald "Pete" HoieHoieDonald "Pete"US Marine Corps2East1
Orville Palmer HoieHoieOrville PalmerUS Army2East1
Terry Wayne HoieHoieTerry WayneUS Army2East1
Burdette H. HoilandHoilandBurdette H.US Army10North1
Dennis A. HolmHolmDennis A.US Army5West1
Donald Elmer HolmHolmDonald ElmerUS Marine Corps12West4
MSGT Anthony HolmHolmMSGT AnthonyUS Air Force5West1
Russell Marvin HolmHolmRussell MarvinUS Army6East2
Kenneth Clarence HolmesHolmesKenneth ClarenceUS Air Force12West5
Edwin HolmquistHolmquistEdwinUS Army8West4
Otis E. HolmquistHolmquistOtis E.US Army6East4
Tenny W. HoltyHoltyTenny W.US Army6West1
Art HopkeHopkeArtUS Navy5South1
Paul HopkeHopkePaulUS Navy5South1
Ernest Jerome HornHornErnest JeromeUS Army12West1
Marlowe Jerome HornHornMarlowe JeromeUS Army12West1
Hilburn Henry HowardHowardHilburn HenryUS Coast Guard WWII12East2
Lloyd M. HoynesHoynesLloyd M.US Army KIA WW II11East2
Charles "Chuck" HromidkoHromidkoCharles "Chuck"US Army9East2
Joseph "Joe" HromidkoHromidkoJoseph "Joe"US Army1West5
Milo HromidkoHromidkoMiloUS Air Force11North3
Duane Harold HurdHurdDuane HaroldUS Navy11North3
Vernon Edward HurdHurdVernon EdwardUS Army11North3
James J. HuschleHuschleJames J.US Army12South3
Dennis Lee HuweHuweDennis LeeUS Army5North1
Leonard A. IlliesIlliesLeonard A.US Army Air Corps4East4
George L. IngallsIngallsGeorge L.US Navy2East2
Alfred C. InsteboInsteboAlfred C.US Army WW II11East2
Darold M. IversonIversonDarold M.US Army8West2
David B. IversonIversonDavid B.US Marine Corps6West3
Leroy Roger IversonIversonLeroy RogerUS Army6West3
Olaf M. IversonIversonOlaf M. WWIIUS Army8West2
Randy I. IversonIversonRandy I.US Air Force/US Army6West3
Vernon Dale IversonIversonVernon DaleUS Army6West3
Tom JacksonJacksonTomUS Army12South1
James JacobsonJacobsonJamesUS Army13North2
Jerome "Jerry" JacobsonJacobsonJerome "Jerry"US Army13North2
Melvin Julius JacobsonJacobsonMelvin JuliusUS Army10West1
Michael JacobsonJacobsonMichaelUS Army13North2
Morris "Morry" JacobsonJacobsonMorris "Morry"US Army8South3
Oscar JacobsonJacobsonOscarCanadian Expeditionary Forces---
Russell N. JacobsonJacobsonRussell N.US Navy10West1
Terry W. JacobsonJacobsonTerry W.US Air Force13North2
A1C Leonard Jake JakemanJakemanA1C Leonard JakeUS Air Force5North2
Bianca Arline JakemanJakemanBianca ArlineUS Air Force8North3
Charles H. JakemanJakemanCharles H.US Army5North2
James "Jake" JakemanJakemanJames "Jake"US Army4East3
Richard Henry JakemanJakemanRichard HenryUS Army WW II11North2
Steven E. JakemanJakemanSteven E.US Army4East4
Dennis Arthur JaspersonJaspersonDennis ArthurUS Army13South2
Belmont I. JelleJelleBelmont I.US Navy8East1
Charles Berg JesnessJesnessCharles BergUS Navy Seabee2East3
Terry "Sam" JesnessJesnessTerry "Sam"US Navy Seabee2East3
Albert JohnsonJohnsonAlbertUS Army6East3
Axel William JohnsonJohnsonAxel WilliamUS Army9West1
Carl Andrew JohnsonJohnsonCarl AndrewUS Army10South2
Clifford L. JohnsonJohnsonClifford L.US Marine Corps8East5
Dennis Duane JohnsonJohnsonDennis DuaneUS Army9North1
Duane Truman JohnsonJohnsonDuane TrumanUS Army Korea12West2
Ernest Julius JohnsonJohnsonErnest JuliusUS Marine Corps8East5
Floyd JohnsonJohnsonFloydUS Army12West3
Harry Eugene JohnsonJohnsonHarry EugeneUS Army10South2
Howard William JohnsonJohnsonHoward WilliamUS Army10East1
Jack Duane JohnsonJohnsonJack DuaneUS Air Force1West1
James Donald JohnsonJohnsonJames DonaldUS Army1West1
Jerold Dale JohnsonJohnsonJerold DaleUS Army1West1
John Darrel JohnsonJohnsonJohn DarrelUS Army1West1
Juane David JohnsonJohnsonJuane DavidUS Marine Corps1West1
Juel Dennis JohnsonJohnsonJuel DennisUS Army1West1
Larry JohnsonJohnsonLarryUS Navy12West3
Larry Albert JohnsonJohnsonLarry AlbertUS Army6East3
Melvin JohnsonJohnsonMelvinUS Army3East2
Oscar JohnsonJohnsonOscarUS Army WW I12West3
Robert "Bob" JohnsonJohnsonRobert "Bob"US Air Force4South3
Roy Edwin JohnsonJohnsonRoy EdwinUS Army12South3
Stanley W. JohnsonJohnsonStanley W.US Marine Corps6East3
Tallack Julian JohnsonJohnsonTallack JulianUS Marine Corps9South3
Carol Huschle JonesJonesCarol HuschleUS Army12South3
D. B. "Pike" JonesJonesD. B. "Pike"US Navy4West4
Harold "Don" JonsonJonsonHarold "Don"US Air Force6West5
Jerrald "Jerry" JordahlJordahlJerrald "Jerry"US Army10South2
John Alfred JordahlJordahlJohn AlfredUS Army9East3
Lowell "Pete" JordanJordanLowell "Pete"US Air Force5North4
Owen John JosephsonJosephsonOwen JohnUS Navy6East1
Albert A. JuveJuveAlbert A.US Army12North4
Albert F. KaiserKaiserAlbert F.US Army1North5
Floyd M. KaiserKaiserFloyd M.US Army1East1
Mike John KaiserKaiserMike JohnUS Air Force6West2
William Herbert KaiserKaiserWilliam HerbertUS Army9North2
Henry C. KamrudKamrudHenry C.US Army13South1
Roger "Bud" KantenKantenRoger "Bud"Army Air Force3North2
George Walter KellyKellyGeorge WalterUS Army12East3
Robert James KellyKellyRobert JamesUS Army10West2
Clement T. KembitskeyKembitskeyClement T.US Army13North1
Richard D. KihlstadiousKihlstadiousRichard D.US Army12West-
Henry D. KingKingHenry D.US Army13South3
George L. KirkebyKirkebyGeorge L.US Navy1South5
Robert Donald KlasseKlasseRobert DonaldUS Marine Corps12South2
Carl G. KlemmetsenKlemmetsenCarl G.US Army3South4
Emil A. KlemmetsenKlemmetsenEmil A.US Navy3South4
Oscar Sigurd KlevenKlevenOscar SigurdUS Army13North4
Allan Ordean KlongerboKlongerboAllan OrdeanUS Air Force6South3
Norman W. KlostermeierKlostermeierNorman W.US Army8West1
Peder KnudsonKnudsonPederUS Army6East1
Clayton KnutsonKnutsonClaytonUS Air Force4East1
Lance L. KnutsonKnutsonLance L.US Army4North5
Milton D. KnutsonKnutsonMilton D.US Navy4East1
Troy A. KnutsonKnutsonTroy A.US Navy4East1
Joseph KonicekKonicekJosephUS Army3East1
Vernon James Kortan Kortan Vernon JamesUS Army2East4
Walter J. KortanKortanWalter J.US Marine Corps11East2
Mathias Jacob KremerKremerMathias Jacob US Army Air Corps POW5West1
Michael KrollKrollMichaelUS Navy WW II11North2
Ralph Raymond KugelKugelRalph RaymondUS Navy4North3
Severt KvandeKvandeSevertUS Army8South1
LeRoy LaFontaineLaFontaineLeRoyUS Army13East1
James Doyle LaFriniereLaFriniereJames DoyleUS Navy4North1
Dan W. Landmark VVALandmarkDan W. VVAUS Air Force1East1
James B. Landmark (POW)LandmarkJames B. (POW)US Army1East2
Merle Orlin LandmarkLandmarkMerle OrlinUS Air Force5North3
Otto Henry LangeLangeOtto HenryUS Army10East2
Marlin David LangsethLangsethMarlin DavidUS Army13West4
Charles J. LongworthyLangworthyCharles J.US Army9North3
Francis LannersLannersFrancisUS Army5East1
John LannersLannersJohnUS Navy WW II11East1
Neil LannersLannersNeilUS Army5East1
Nick LannersLannersNickUS Army6East2
Dale C. LaRoqueLaRoqueDale C.US Navy6North3
April J. LarsonLarsonApril J.U S Marine Corps2South3
Arvid LarsonLarsonArvidUS Navy2West1
Bruce Michael LarsonLarsonBruce MichaelUS Army3West3
Danvy Marlow LarsonLarsonDanvy MarlowU S Marine Corps2South2
Earl Carl LarsonLarsonEarl CarlUS Army6North1
G. Marlow LarsonLarsonG. MarlowUS Navy2South2
Harry A. LarsonLarsonHarry A.US Army2South2
Jacob LarsonLarsonJacobUS Navy2West1
Leslie & Larry LarsonLarsonLeslie & LarryUS Army4South3
Louis LarsonLarsonLouisUS Army WW II11West3
Mary LarsonLarsonMaryUS Army8East4
Michael Leroy LarsonLarsonMichael LeroyUS Army1East1
Nels A. LarsonLarsonNels A.US Army10North2
Norman Rudolph LarsonLarsonNorman RudolphUS Army9East3
Travis C. LarsonLarsonTravis C.U S Marine Corps2South2
Walter Kenneth LarsonLarsonWalter KennethUS Army1East1
Warren LarsonLarsonWarrenUS Army2West1
William "Bill" LarsonLarsonWilliam "Bill"US Navy12North1
Harold W. LaRueLaRueHarold W.US Army5East4
Lewis L. LaRueLaRueLewis L.US Army5East4
William "Lester" LaRueLaRueWilliam "Lester"US Army5East4
CWO 3 Lauren L. LaVineLaVineCWO 3 Lauren L.U S Marine Corps2South3
GY SGT Alton M. LaVineLaVineGY SGT Alton M.U S Marine Corps2South3
SG MAJ Durund H. LaVineLaVineSG MAJ Durund H.U S Marine Corps2South3
Bradley M. LebedaLebedaBradley M.U S Marine Corps8North2
Dale C. LebedaLebedaDale C.US Navy4North2
Kim D. LebedaLebedaKim D.U S Marine Corps8North2
Steven W. LebedaLebedaSteven W.US Navy8North2
Douglas Steven LeeLeeDouglas StevenUS Army1North5
Gerald R. "Yogi" LeeLeeGerald R. "Yogi"US Army9West2
Irvin "Pee Wee" LeeLeeIrvin "Pee Wee"US Army3East3
Ragna Berg LeeLeeRagna BergUS Army Nurse Corps6West1
Leo George LeetLeetLeo GeorgeUS Navy10North1
Leroy Bennet LeinesLeinesLeroy BennetUS Air Force8North5
Gerald Richard LeneLeneGerald RichardUS Navy Vietnam11North2
Kevin Ray LeneLeneKevin RayUS Army9South2
Chester James LewisLewisChester JamesUS Navy5North4
Oscar E. LewisLewisOscar E.US Army6South4
Patrick E. LewisLewisPatrick E.US Air Force3South1
Samantha LewisLewisSamanthaUS Air Force3South1
Howard R. LhotkaLhotkaHoward R.US Navy8East3
Rodney D. LienLienRodney D.US Army8West3
Steven LienLienStevenUS Air Force2North1
Roy S. LiljedahlLiljedahlRoy S.U S Marine Corps2North4
James O. LillegaardLillegaardJames O.US Navy4North1
Peter G. LillegaardLillegaardPeter G.US Army4North1
Steven LillegaardLillegaardStevenUS Army4North1
Kermit Charles LindbergLindbergKermit CharlesUS Army9East2
LeRoy James LindbergLindbergLeRoy JamesUS Navy13North3
Douglas J. LindgrenLindgrenDouglas J.US Navy1South3
Peter LindgrenLindgrenPeterUS Army13South3
Lonnie L. LinehanLinehanLonnie L.US Army11North1
Fred T. LittlewolfLittlewolfFred T.US Army Air Corps13South1
Art L. LofthusLofthusArt L.US Army2West4
Dennis E. LofthusLofthusDennis E.US Army2West3
Elmer A. LofthusLofthusElmer A.US Army2West3
Harlan Leroy Lofthus Sr.LofthusHarlan Leroy Sr.US Army2West3
Leslie R. LofthusLofthusLeslie R.US Air Force2West3
Dan LooneyLooneyDan US Air Force9East1
Art LuggarLuggarArtUS Army2North3
Donovan Dale LuggarLuggarDonovan DaleUS Army8South1
Lyle Thor LundLundLyle ThorUS Air Force6North3
Robert Ardis LundLundRobert ArdisUS Navy10North3
Mayvin E. LundinLundinMayvin E.US Army12South4
Durwood "Woody" LundmarkLundmarkDurwood "Woody"US Army11West4
Roger W. LundmarkLundmarkRoger W.US Army5East3
Richard MankieMankieRichardUS Air Force6East3
Gust MapleMapleGustUS Army13South1
John W. MarasMarasJohn W.US Air Force9North4
Lewis Rauk MarshMarshLewis RaukUS Army1East3
Arlen R. MarshallMarshallArlen R.US Army11East3
Clifford N. MarshallMarshallClifford N.US Army11East3
Donald S. MarshallMarshallDonald S.US Army11East3
Harvey E. MarshallMarshallHarvey E.US Air Force11East3
Dr. Fred Martin MDMartinDr. Fred, MDUS Army8South1
Rick MartinMartinRickUS Army12West4
Kenneth H. MartineMartineKenneth H.US Army Korea11South3
Anthony Wayne Marty Jr.MartyAnthony Wayne Jr.US Air Force8South4
Bradley D. MaruskaMaruskaBradley D.US Army8West1
Duane Donald MathisonMathisonDuane DonaldUS Navy1South3
Jerrold "Spinner" MathisonMathisonJerrold "Spinner"US Air Force12South1
Larry MathisonMathisonLarryU S Marine Corps2East1
Ted MathisonMathisonTedUS Navy12South1
Donald McCollumMcCollumDonaldUS Navy4West3
Michael Jay McCollumMcCollumMichael JayUS Marine Corps12South4
William Keith McCormickMcCormickWilliam KeithUS Air Force10East3
Lowell "Mac" McDougallMcDougallLowell "Mac"US Army1West2
James T. McKinleyMcKinleyJames T.US Navy12North2
Frank L. McNamaraMcNamaraFrank L.US Army WW II12North3
Glenn J. McNamaraMcNamaraGlenn J.US Army WW II12North3
Anthony "Tony" McPheeMcPheeAnthony "Tony"US Army13North2
Clarence Samuel McReynoldsMcReynoldsClarence SamuelUS Army13South2
Eugene "Gene" MelanderMelanderEugene "Gene"US Air Force11South2
Jeffrey E. MelanderMelanderJeffrey E.US Army11South1
Jerrod E. MelanderMelanderJerrod E.US Army11South1
John "Buddy" MelanderMelanderJohn "Buddy"US Army11South1
Phillip "Dale" MelanderMelanderPhillip "Dale"US Army11South2
Robert "Bobby" MelanderMelanderRobert "Bobby"US Army11South2
Roger "Bing" MelanderMelanderRoger "Bing"US Navy11South2
CW4 James Eric MelbyMelbyCW4 James EricUS Army2North4
Buddy "Rat" MerschmanMerschmanBuddy "Rat"US Army6North5
Dennis Lee MerschmanMerschmanDennis LeeUS Army National Guard12East2
Eugene Frank MerschmanMerschmanEugene FrankUS Army2North4
James Dean MerschmanMerschmanJames DeanUS Army Vietnam11East4
Janey Louise MerschmanMerschmanJaney LouiseUS Army Vietnam11East4
Leroy Benedict MerschmanMerschmanLeroy BenedictUS Army6North5
Joseph Palmer MersethMersethJoseph PalmerUS Army2South1
Merle LeRoy MetcalfMetcalfMerle LeRoyUS Navy12South5
Norman Glen MeterMeterNorman GlenUS Marine Corps13South2
Orlo Leroy MeyerMeyerOrlo LeroyUS Army13South3
Russell MeyerMeyerRussellUS Army5North2
Arthur Bill MichelMichelArthur BillUS Navy3East3
James A. MichelMichelJames A.US Army4North3
Chester Dever MillerMillerChester DeverUS Army13West1
Crystal Mae MillerMillerCrystal MaeUS Army Military Police12North4
Harvey Duane MillerMillerHarvey DuaneUS Navy13West1
Leslie "Frog" D. MillerMillerLeslie "Frog" D.US Army9East2
Victor LeRoy "Roy" MillerMillerVictor LeRoy "Roy"US Army9South3
Clyde Owen MiltonMiltonClyde OwenU S Army6East2
Denise A. MiltonMiltonDenise A.US Army4South1
Donald L. MiltonMiltonDonald L.U S Army8East1
Kenneth R. MiltonMiltonKenneth R.US Navy4South1
Cpl (E-4) Earl C. MittagMittagCpl (E-4) Earl C. US Army4East5
PFC Ralph A. MittagMittagPFC Ralph A.US Army4East5
Oscar MoeMoeOscarUS Army10South3
David Orlando MoenMoenDavid OrlandoUS Army13South2
Elmer Edwin MoenMoenElmer EdwinUS Army13South2
Francis Thomas MoenMoenFrancis ThomasUS Army3East1
Kenneth M. MoenMoenKenneth M.Merchant Marines3East1
Alexander MonsonMonsonAlexanderUS Navy11North1
Lewis T. MoravecMoravecLewis T.US Army6West1
Merle R. MuckalaMuckalaMerle R.US Army2East5
Richard "Dick" MuckalaMuckalaRichard "Dick"US Army2East5
Frances "Moon" MullanMullanFrances "Moon"US Marine Corps6South2
George W. MurrayMurrayGeorge W.US Army13North4
SGT. Marvin L. MurrayMurraySGT. Marvin L.US Army5North5
Allen R. NavratilNavratilAllen R.US Army10South1
Michael E. NavratilNavratilMichael E.US Air Force10South1
George William NeelandNeelandGeorge WilliamUS Army13East2
John NeelandNeelandJohnUS Army10North3
Gary D. NeillNeillGary D.US Army2North1
Paul NeillNeillPaulUS Air Force2North1
Bruce O. NelsonNelsonBruce O.US Army8South1
Cody Wayne NelsonNelsonCody WayneUS Army3North1
Dennis L. NelsonNelsonDennis L.US Army3North2
Donald "Nels" NelsonNelsonDonald "Nels"US Army11South2
Engval Alvin NelsonNelsonEngval AlvinUS Army12East1
Floyd E. NelsonNelsonFloyd E.US Army5North3
Floyd Edward NelsonNelsonFloyd EdwardUS Air Force6North3
Gabriel E. NelsonNelsonGabriel E.US Marine Corps2West2
Isaiah L. NelsonNelsonIsaiah L.US Army2West2
Jimmie NelsonNelsonJimmieUS Army2East2
Leroy Eldon NelsonNelsonLeroy EldonUS Navy9East1
Nils Bernhart NelsonNelsonNils BernhartUS Army10North1
Orville Fredrik NelsonNelsonOrville FredrikUS Army12South2
Philip E. NelsonNelsonPhilip E.US Marine Corps2West2
Roy K. NelsonNelsonRoy K.US Navy5North3
Virginia B. NelsonNelsonVirginia B.US Marine Corps2West2
Walter E. NelsonNelsonWalter E.US Marine Corps2West2
Walter G. NelsonNelsonWalter G.US Army12South1
Weldon NelsonNelsonWeldonMerchant Marines2East2
William Keith NelsonNelsonWilliam KeithUS Air Force13South3
Michael R. NepeanNepeanMichael R.US Marine Corps9East1
Arlyn "Buck" NessNessArlyn "Buck"US Air Force8North1
Owen L. NessNessOwen L.US Air Force2South1
Richard E NessNessRichard EUS Navy5East2
Russell Miles NessNessRussell MilesUS Navy12South5
Allen Michael NetlandNetlandAllen MichaelUS Army1North2
Jerald Andrew NetlandNetlandJerald AndrewUS Army5South1
Jerry NetlandNetlandJerryUS Army5South1
Norman Hollis NetlandNetlandNorman HollisUS Army5South1
Richard H. NetlandNetlandRichard H.US Army5South1
Wayne NetlandNetlandWayneUS Army3North2
Calvin A. NewlandNewlandCalvin A.US Navy13West4
Charles E. Newland Jr.NewlandCharles E. Jr.US Army4North1
Charles E. Newland Sr.NewlandCharles E. Sr.US Army3West1
Dean NewlandNewlandDeanUS Air Force6West2
Garfield M. NewlandNewlandGarfield M.US Army8North3
James Monroe NewlandNewlandJames MonroeUS Army4North1
Monroe Axel NewlandNewlandMonroe AxelUS Army4North1
Ronald D. NewlandNewlandRonald D.US Air Force3West1
Warren George NicholsNicholsWarren GeorgeUS Army Korea11East1
William Benard NoaeillNoaeillWilliam BenardUS Army Air Corps10West1
Donald "Murph" NoltingNoltingDonald "Murph"US Army11North4
Vernon L. NoltingNoltingVernon L.US Navy11North4
Norman NorbyNorbyNormanUS Army3South1
Howard F. NorquistNorquistHoward F.US Navy8South5
Virgil H. NorquistNorquistVirgil H.US Armu8South5
Kenneth Arvin NyboNyboKenneth ArvinUS Army10West1
Clarence E. O'BeirneO'BeirneClarence E.US Navy WW II11North2
Keith V. O'BeirneO'BeirneKeith V.US Army13North3
Charles A. O'BryanO'BryanCharles A.US Navy3North2
Jack L. O'DierO'DierJack L.US Navy10North2
Frances L. O'SheaO'SheaFrances L.US Army1South2
Herman OdegaardOdegaardHermanUS Army8North1
Melvin "Red" OfferdahlOfferdahlMelvin "Red"US Marine Corps8North5
Lars OftedahlOftedahlLarsUS Army11West3
Emil Carl OgroskeOgroskeEmil CarlUS Army WW II5West1
Andreas (Andrew) OienOienAndreas (Andrew)US Army13South1
Clarence A. OienOienClarence A. US Army WW II4North2
Selmer Martin Okstad Jr.OkstadSelmer Martin, Jr.US Navy12East2
Elmer OlbergOlbergElmerUS Navy6East1
James L. OlsenOlsenJames L.US Army1South2
Albert Lee OlsonOlsonAlbert LeeUS Air Force1South1
Almer B. OlsonOlsonAlmer B.US Army Air Corps1South1
Alvin B. "Dude" OlsonOlsonAlvin B. "Dude"US Navy11West5
Archie L. OlsonOlsonArchie L.US Army WW II11South4
Bruce Dwight OlsonOlsonBruce DwightUS Air Force2West4
Dwight "Whitey" OlsonOlsonDwight "Whitey"US Army2West4
Guy Harris OlsonOlsonGuy HarrisUS Army12West2
Harris D. OlsonOlsonHarris D.US Marine Corps5North1
Jerome Donavan OlsonOlsonJerome DonavanUS Army2South2
Kenneth L. OlsonOlsonKenneth L.US Army1South2
Kenneth L. Olson Jr.OlsonKenneth L. Jr.US Army8West1
Loren "Queball" OlsonOlsonLoren "Queball"US Army Air Corps4West3
Paul R. OlsonOlsonPaul R.US Air Force5South3
SGT Melissa M. OlsonOlsonSGT Melissa M.US Marine Corps2South3
Stanley C. OlsonOlsonStanley C.US Army12West2
Stephen C. OlsonOlsonStephen C.US Navy3North1
Steve "Ole" OlsonOlsonSteve "Ole"US Marine Corps1South1
Truman Lawrence OlsonOlsonTruman LawrenceUS Navy5North1
Kenneth H. OstlundOstlundKenneth H.US Army9North1
Jessee PalmerPalmerJesseeUS Army3East3
Storm ParsonParsonStormUS Army11South3
Roger James PatznerPatznerRoger JamesUS Air Force3East4
Alvin M. PaulsonPaulsonAlvin M.US Army WW II4West5
Carly PaulsonPaulsonCarlyUS Marine Corps13West1
Ed PaulsonPaulsonEdUS Army5South3
David L. PaynePayneDavid L.US Navy6West4
Robert "Bob" PaynePayneRobert "Bob"US Navy10South3
Arthur G. PedersonPedersonArthur G.US Army5South2
Peder O. PedersonPedersonPeder O.US Army8South1
Terrance A. PedersonPedersonTerrance A.US Army9North2
Thorlief W. PedersonPedersonThorlief W.US Army13West3
Milford PergandePergandeMilfordUS Navy1South3
Robert Andrew PersonPersonRobert AndrewUS Army4South2
Thomas John PetersPetersThomas JohnUS Army9North2
Gene Charles PetersenPetersenGene CharlesUS Army4South4
Alvin PetersonPetersonAlvinUS Army6South2
Arthur C. PetersonPetersonArthur C.US Army2North3
James P. PetersonPetersonJames P.US Navy9East 3
Lee PetersonPetersonLeeUS Air Force2South2
Palmer T. PetersonPetersonPalmer T.US Navy5South3
Robert Donald PetersonPetersonRobert DonaldUS Army3South3
Sidney V. PetersonPetersonSidney V.US Army9East3
Timothy John PhillipsPhillipsTimothy JohnUS Army12East2
Genne Roger "Jim" PhilpPhilpGenne Roger "Jim"US Navy1East3
Lowell D. PhilpPhilpLowell D.US Air Force1East3
Nicholas "Nick" PletschettPletschettNicholas "Nick"US Army8East2
George PlumbPlumbGeorgeUS Army10South2
Angus PowersPowersAngusUS Marine Corps13North2
Virgil PrestbyPrestbyVirgilUS Navy1East4
Emil L. PrestemonPrestemonEmil L.US Army1South1
Milton D. PrestemonPrestemonMilton D.US Navy1South1
Kenneth, Jr. ProutyProutyKenneth, Jr.US Navy11East1
Frank PughPughFrankUS Army9North2
Tom QualleyQualleyTomUS Army6West2
Earl Raymond QuernQuernEarl RaymondUS Army13East2
Vern RaehslerRaehslerVernUS Army8North1
Bennie RamsrudRamsrudBennieUS Army4North2
Douglas D. RamsrudRamsrudDouglas D.US Air Force1East5
Otto RamsrudRamsrudOttoUS Army4North2
Ronald Keith RamsrudRamsrudRonald KeithUS Navy1East5
Frank P. RandallRandallFrank P.US Army4South1
Lloyd E. RanisateRanisateLloyd E.US Navy3North1
Roger RanisateRanisateRogerUS Navy13West1
Ed H. RasmussenRasmussenEd H.US Navy1North4
Otto Herman RasmussenRasmussenOtto HermanUS Army1North4
Richard ReedReedRichardUS Army2North2
Leo John ReinertReinertLeo JohnUS Army3North1
Eugene H. RennerRennerEugene H. US Navy8South2
Frank A. RennerRennerFrank A.US Army8South2
Howard F. RennerRennerHoward F.US Navy8South2
Joseph D. RennerRennerJoseph D.US Army8South2
Raymond M. RennerRennerRaymond M.US Navy8South2
Robert L. RennerRennerRobert L.US Navy8South2
Ronald H. RennerRennerRonald H.US Army8South2
Jonas RestadRestadJonasUS Army9West1
Clinton "Mick" RickeRickeClinton "Mick"US Army4East2
Donald William RickeRickeDonald "Blackie"US Navy4East2
Peter A. RiewerRiewerPeter A.US Air Force8East3
Gerald Daniel RiggsRiggsGerald DanielUS Air Force9South3
Darius RikeRikeDariusUS Army2West1
Lisa RikeRikeLisaUS Army2West1
Daniel R. RiveraRiveraDaniel R.US Army5East2
David RiveraRiveraDavidUS Army1East2
Frank J. RivettRivettFrank J.US Army9North2
Raymond Arthur RockensockRockensockRaymond ArthurUS Marine Corps13West2
Teresa "Rocky" RockensockRockensockTeresa "Rocky"US Army11North3
Floyd R. RonningRonningFloyd R.US Army6South1
Stanley RonningRonningStanleyUS Navy6South1
Fritz RosenquistRosenquistFritzUS Army8West3
Willis D "Bill" RossellRossellWillis D "Bill"US Army8West4
Nickle Fayette RoundsRoundsNickle FayetteUS Army13North1
George L. RudRudGeorge L.US Army1West5
Norman B. RudeRudeNorman B.US Army9West1
Reuben L. RydeenRydeenReuben L.US Navy1North2
Raymond SaignSaignRaymondUS Army8West5
William "Willie" SalvhusSalvhusWilliam "Willie"US Army3East4
Russell Emerson SanderSanderRussell EmersonUS Army12South2
Austin SandlandSandlandAustinUS Army1South1
Eric S. SandlandSandlandEric S.US Army1South1
Dr. David "Doc" SandwickSandwickDr. David "Doc"US Navy5West3
Paul SatherSatherPaulUS Army10North1
Wayne Howard SauerSauerWayne HowardUS Marine Corps3South2
Jeffrey SchermerhornSchermerhornJeffreyUS Navy9North4
Emory Albert SchmidtSchmidtEmory AlbertUS Army WW II4North3
Anthony J. SchnellbachSchnellbachAnthony J.US Air Force4North2
Brian C. SchroederSchroederBrian C.US Army11South1
Jim SchroederSchroederJimUS Navy3North2
Jodelle M. SchroederSchroederJodelle M.US Army11South1
Donald John SchultzSchultzDonald JohnUS Army3West2
Paul SchupbachSchupbachPaulUS Navy6South2
Mark W. SederquistSederquistMark W.US Air Force5West5
Bob SengerSengerBobUS Army8South3
Donald Albert SheldonSheldonDonald AlbertUS Marine Corps9North2
Harold Joseph ShellumShellumHarold JosephUS Army Air Corps4East2
Kenneth N. ShellumShellumKenneth N.US Army4East2
Robert A. ShellumShellumRobert A.US Army4East2
Dennis G. ShereckShereckDennis G.US Air Force5East3
Frank W. ShereckShereckFrank W.US Air Force3South2
Leonard J. ShereckShereckLeonard J.US Army3South2
Andrew SjodinSjodinAndrewUS Army6South2
Elmer A. SkareSkareElmer A.US Army8North2
Elmo L. SkareSkareElmo L.US Army8North2
Orlan G. SkareSkareOrlan G.US Army8North2
Allen R. SkipleSkipleAllen R.US Air Force Vietnam11South4
Lee M. SkunesSkunesLee M.US Army3South3
Thad SlettenSlettenThadUS Army9North1
Benjamin SloanSloanBenjaminUS Army6North4
Lawrence Arnold SmerudSmerudLawrence ArnoldUS Army13West2
Donald Hiram SmithSmithDonald HiramUS Army WW II11North5
Earl, "Bud" SmithSmithEarl, "Bud"US Army3South4
Roger Franklin SmithSmithRoger FranklinUS Navy3South3
Frank SnoblSnoblFrankUS Army10South1
James "Jim" SnoblSnoblJames "Jim"US Army10South1
Palmer SoderlandSoderlandPalmerUS Navy3East2
William Martin SoderlandSoderlandWilliam MartinUS Army10North1
Arnt SolbergSolbergArntUS Army6South1
Lt. Col. Almond H. SollomSollomLt. Col. Almond H.US Marine Corps4West1
Everett Eugene SorensenSorensenEverett EugeneUS Army3West1
Gary Aksel SorensenSorensenGary AkselUS Army Vietnam11East4
Orville SorensenSorensenOrvilleUS Air Force12South2
Clarence Timon SorensonSorensonClarence TimonUS Army8West1
Elton C. SorensonSorensonElton C.US Army4North4
Harvey B. SorensonSorensonHarvey B.US Army11East5
Alden C. "Al" SpraySprayAlden C. "Al"US Navy1East2
Brad St. GeorgeSt. GeorgeBradUS Navy1South5
Rodney, "Rod" StaehnkeStaehnkeRodney, "Rod"US Army3South2
Arnold StavigStavigArnoldUS Army9South2
Bernie StavigStavigBernieUS Army6North3
Deryl StavigStavigDerylUS Air Force6North3
Ernest M. StavigStavigErnest M.US Navy8South3
George StavigStavigGeorgeUS Army9South2
Halcomb StavigStavigHalcombUS Navy13South2
Marvin O. StavigStavigMarvin O.US Air Force5North3
Rueben O. StavigStavigRueben O.US Army13South2
John Melvin SteenersonSteenersonJohn MelvinUS Naval Reserve Force12North4
Ken SteinbachSteinbachKenUS Army6East4
Calvin Warren SteindlSteindlCalvin WarrenUS Army National Guard12East4
Dalen Fredrick SteinkeSteinkeDalen FredrickUS Air Force6South4
Eugene Carl StelterStelterEugene CarlUS Army10East2
Raymond E. "Ray" StenbergStenbergRaymond E. "Ray"US Navy CM211West4
Willard Luverne StenersonStenersonWillard LuverneUS Air Force10East1
Robert Grant StensengStensengRobert GrantUS Army10North2
Darwin Edward StevensStevensDarwin EdwardUS Army1West4
John H. Stevens MDStevensJohn H. MDUS Army8North1
Winfield StevensStevensWinfieldUS Army9East1
Harvey E. StinarStinarHarvey E.US Army1North1
Jack E. StinarStinarJack E.US Navy1North1
L. Michael StinarStinarL. MichaelUS Marine Corps1North1
Leonard Marvin StinarStinarLeonard MarvinUS Army1North1
Richard W. StinarStinarRichard W.US Navy1North1
Winfred A. Stinar Jr.StinarWinfred A. Jr.US Army1North1
Gerald Gene Storey Sr.StoreyGerald Gene Sr.US Navy8North1
Clyde G. StrandellStrandellClyde G.US Army Korea11West3
Clarence StrandlienStrandlienClarenceUS Army8East3
Lawrence StrandlienStrandlienLawrenceUS Army8West5
Norris StrandlienStrandlienNorris US Army1South2
Arnold "Buddy" SundbomSundbomArnold "Buddy"US Army1East3
Harvey Norman SundbomSundbomHarvey NormanUS Army5South4
Kevin Wayne SundbomSundbomKevin WayneUS Army13West1
Carl Orville SunderlandSunderlandCarl OrvilleUS Army6North4
Jennings SunderlandSunderlandJenningsUS Army1East1
Paul A. SunderlandSunderlandPaul A. US Air Force9South2
Terry Allen SunderlandSunderlandTerry AllenUS Army6West1
James F. SundquistSundquistJames F.US Army5South2
John O. SundquistSundquistJohn O.US Army5South2
Leroy E. SundquistSundquistLeroy E.US Navy8South4
Karen SurdezSurdezKarenUS Marine Corps6South5
Capt. K. Lyle SutherlandSutherlandCapt. K. LyleUS Army3East4
Cecil SutherlandSutherlandCecilUS Army WW II5South1
Ivan L. SutherlandSutherlandIvan L.US Army6South1
Joseph "Bud" SutherlandSutherlandJoseph "Bud"US Army6South1
Ronald C. SutherlandSutherlandRonald C.US Army Vietnam5South1
Dr. Clarence Victor SwansonSwansonDr. Clarence VictorUS Marine Corps12South3
Nicholas "Nick" SwansonSwansonNicholas "Nick"US Marine Corps13West1
Donald F. SwensonSwensonDonald F.US Navy10South1
Henry G. SwensonSwensonHenry G.US Army6South1
Jeremy Henry SwensonSwensonJeremy HenryUS Navy12South2
Lawrence "Larry" SwensonSwensonLawrence "Larry"US Air Corps10South1
C. Richard SwinburneSwinburneC. RichardUS Army2North5
Murray SylstadSylstadMurrayUS Army8East4
Rueben SylvesterSylvesterRuebenUS Navy WW II11East2
Earl SynnesSynnesEarlUS Air Force13North4
John SyversonSyversonJohnUS Army WW I11North2
Robert SyversonSyversonRobertUS Army9North4
Thornton J. TaylorTaylorThornton J.US Army12South2
Gale "Red" TeiglandTeiglandGale "Red"US Army12East4
Delmar A. TharaldsonTharaldsonDelmar A.US Army9West1
Allen M. TheisTheisAllen M.US Army1West2
Alvin C. TheisTheisAlvin C.US Army11East5
John P. TheisTheisJohn P.US Army8East3
Samantha F. TheisTheisSamantha F.US Navy8West2
Vernon F. TheisTheisVernon F.US Army8West2
Albin T. ThompsonThompsonAlbin T.US Army WW II5East5
Edward ThompsonThompsonEdwardUS Army5South3
Elias ThompsonThompsonEliasUS Army12South1
Frank W. "Bud" ThompsonThompsonFrank W. "Bud"US Army9North2
Marvel. E. ThompsonThompsonMarvel. E.US Navy3West2
Peter Melvin ThompsonThompsonPeter MelvinUS Army1East2
Roy E. ThompsonThompsonRoy E.US Air Force12South1
Theodore "Chick" ThompsonThompsonTheodore "Chick"US Army12South1
Thomas J. ThompsonThompsonThomas J.US Navy4East3
Darwin G. ThorbeckThorbeckDarwin G.US Army4West2
George H. ThorbeckThorbeckGeorge H.US Navy4West2
Orlan D. ThorbeckThorbeckOrlan D.US Army4West2
Ray L. ThorbeckThorbeckRay L.US Army4West2
George ThoresenThoresenGeorgeUS Army2West5
Edwin T. ThoresonThoresonEdwin T.US Army3North5
Leroy F. ThoresonThoresonLeroy F.US Army Air Corps3West4
Norman Benton ThoresonThoresonNorman BentonUS Army3East2
Truman ThoresonThoresonTrumanUS Army3West5
Arvid O. ThorsonThorsonArvid O.US Air Force9South1
David A. ThorsonThorsonDavid A.US Navy9South2
Gary A. ThorsonThorsonGary A.US Air Force9South1
Kenneth ThorsonThorsonKennethUS Army2North1
Olaus G. ThorsonThorsonOlaus G.US Navy / US Air Force9South1
Ricky L. ThorsonThorsonRicky LUS Air Force9South1
Thelmar R. ThorsonThorsonThelmar R.US Air Force9South2
Thor O. ThorsonThorsonThor O. US Army9South2
Wayne G. ThorsonThorsonWayne G.US Navy9South1
Norris Gene ThorstadThorstadNorris GeneUS Army1South3
Lester D. ThovesonThovesonLester D.US Air Force5West3
Alden TibbetsTibbetsAlden US Navy8North3
Robert "Bob" TjolsenTjolsenRobert "Bob"US Army3West2
Arthur Douglas TobkinTobkinArthur Douglas US Navy 3North1
Donald James TobkinTobkinDonald JamesUS Air Force3North1
Paul Arthur TobkinTobkinPaul ArthurUS Air Force3North1
Larry Wayne TollefsonTollefsonLarry WayneUS Army12North2
Allan "Billy" TorgersonTorgersonAllan "Billy"US Army WWII12East1
Clyde Jeane TorgersonTorgersonClyde JeaneUS Navy Korean War12East1
Eugene Walter TorgersonTorgersonEugene WalterUS Army6West1
Irvin Bernard TorgersonTorgersonIrvin BernardUS Army13North3
Wesley M. TorgersonTorgersonWesley M.US Air Force12East1
Keith B. TorkildsonTorkildsonKeith B.US Navy9North3
Chester L. TraasethTraasethChester L.US Army Air Corps1West3
Curtis L. TraasethTraasethCurtis L.US Air Force1West3
Wayne R. TraasethTraasethWayne R.US Air Force1East4
Aron J. TrandemTrandemAron J.US Army11North1
Dennis D. TrandemTrandemDennis D.US Army11North1
Leon S. TrandemTrandemLeon S.US Army11North1
Leslie John TrandemTrandemLeslie JohnUS Army9West3
Lloyd J. TrandemTrandemLloyd J.US Navy11North1
Walter J. TrandemTrandemWalter J.US Army11North1
Daniel TraunTraunDanielUS Navy13West2
Byron Franklin TresslerTresslerByron FranklinUS Army10North2
Jason "Zeek" Van't HulVan't HulJason "Zeek"US Marine Corps5West2
Kenneth T. VannettVannettKenneth T.US Army KIA Korea11East1
Arthur E. VoegelliVoegelliArthur E.US Army10North3
David VorderbruggenVorderbruggenDavidUS Air Force2East4
Gerald P. VorderbruggenVorderbruggenGerald P.US Air Force6North1
John A. VorderbruggenVorderbruggenJohn A.US Navy5North2
Ray WaggonerWaggonerRayUS Navy2South1
Roy WaggonerWaggonerRoyUS Army2South2
James "Jim" WalkerWalkerJames "Jim" US Navy9West3
Forrest WallinWallinForrestUS Air Force12South3
Mervin WallingfordWallingfordMervinUS Army5North2
Donald C. WallisWallisDonald C.US Army3East2
Albert "Joshua" WassonWassonAlbert "Joshua"US Army12North2
Clarence Franklin WatkinsWatkinsClarence FranklinUS Army Air Corps10West2
Dean Lyle WatneWatne Dean LyleUS Marine Corps9West1
Harry WatnemoWatnemoHarryUS Army8East2
William G. WatsonWatsonWilliam G.US Army8West4
John Melvin WennbergWennbergJohn MelvinUS Army8South4
Harris M. WestrumWestrumHarris M. US Army9West2
Lawrence WestrumWestrumLawrenceUS Army2North5
Timothy O. WestrumWestrumTimothy O.US Army1North1
Olaf J. WidsethWidsethOlaf J.US Army6East1
Floyd "Mike" L. WiebuschWiebuschFloyd "Mike" L.US Navy5North1
Milo H. WildeWildeMilo H.US Army Air Corps3South1
Wayne M. WildeWildeWayne M.US Army3South1
Harold Edward WilkinsWilkinsHarold EdwardUS Army Paratrooper5South5
Lloyd "Butch" WilkinsWilkinsLloyd "Butch"US Army5East5
Emil Glen WillbergWillbergEmil GlenUS Army6East1
Dennis WillborgWillborgDennisUS Navy1West4
Kenneth WillborgWillborgKennethUS Army4North2
Vernon WillborgWillborgVernonUS Army11North4
Warren S. WilmoWilmoWarren S.US Army8West3
Robert WilsonWilsonRobertUS Army2North2
William W.H. WilsonWilsonWilliam W.H.US Army10South3
Woodrow WilsonWilsonWoodrowUS Army KIA WW II11East1
Wendell Eugene WindeckerWindeckerWendell EugeneUS Army Air Corps9West2
Ralph Gene WishardWishardRalph GeneUS Army10North2
Howard C. WolbergWolbergHoward C.US Air Force1West4
Floyd V. WoolliscroftWoolliscroftFloyd V.US Air Force5East2
George WoolliscroftWoolliscroftGeorgeUS Army4South2
Samuel L. WoolliscroftWoolliscroftSamuel L.US Army8North1
Terence Michael WrightWrightTerance MichaelUS Air Force9North3
Robert J. YanishYanishRobert J.US Army Air Corps4East3
Donald G. "Mike" YoungYoungDonald G. "Mike"US Army5South5
Sidney C. YoungYoungSidney C.US Army3West2
Fred ZieglerZieglerFredUS Army9East2
Arthur Oliver ZiglerZiglerArthur OliverUS Army4South3
Michael Edward ZopfiZopfiMichael EdwardUS Army13North1