Branch: U. S. Navy

   Rank:  MR3

   Status: Deceased Veteran

   Date of Service: 1945 – 1948

   Home Town: Shevlin

USS Prairie (AD-15)

    Gilmore Marlow Larson was born in Battleview, North Dakota on September 25, 1927, the son of Gilbert H. Larson and Martha M. Strandlien Larson. Gilbert H. was the son of Norwegian immigrants Halvor Larsen and Gudbjor Raknerud, who had married on the day they left for America in 1880.  Gilbert H. took the name Larson. Gilbert H. homesteaded in North Dakota before moving to a farm north of Shevlin in 1931. In 1941 he and Martha moved into the village of Shevlin.

Young Gilmore, who was known by his middle name Marlow, was baptized and confirmed at Landstad Lutheran in Shevlin. He attended school at Shevlin School and Bagley. He had brothers Harry, Arlie and Olmer and one sister Thelma.

Marlow enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1945. He was sent to the Naval Training Center in San Diego for training as a machinist’s mate. Upon graduation, he was sent to the USS Prairie on December 1, 1946 as an F1c (fireman 1st class.) The Prairie was a Dixie-class destroyer tender built just before the start of World War II. It had spent WWII in the Pacific Theater tending to destroyers, acting as a “mother ship” and sometimes even performing complete mechanical overhauls on them. At war’s end the Prairie was based in San Francisco. On February 16, 1946 the Prairie steamed to San Diego, destroyer force headquarters and remained there until August 11, 1947.

Marlow’s designation was MMS, or Machinist’s Mate (shop mechanic). He specialized in operating, maintaining and repairing the ship’s mechanical equipment. In June of 1947 Marlow received a promotion to Machinist’s Mate (shop) 3rd class, or MMS3 and in December of that year was changed from a Bullard operator to a lathe and turning machine operator and tool setter. When the Navy merged the two subsets of the Machinist’s Mate rating (shop mechanic and outside machinist) Marlow’s rating became MR, or Machinery Repairman.

Marlow was transferred from the USS Prairie on September 14, 1948 for release to civilian life. Upon release he worked as a milk tester for DHIA for several years. 

Marlow married Ariel Ness Boe on July 5, 1952 at Sacramento, California, and they had four children: Travis, Danvy, Barbara, and Felry as well as step-children Roger Boe and David Boe.

Marlow was in charge of maintenance at the Clearwater County Court House from 1969 to 1988.  He was a very active member of the American Legion in Bagley.

Marlow died on November 21, 1988 and was buried with military honors in Bagley City Cemetery in Bagley.


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