Harry DeFrein Courtney

   Branch: U. S. Marine Corps

   Rating:  Infantry

   Status: Deceased veteran

   Date of Service: 1923-1929

   Home Town:  Bagley

Harry DeFrein Courtney

Harry D. Courtney was born March 28, 1903 in Bagley to parents Harry D. and Mary J. Bray Courtney. He had a brother George and a sister Rosa. He attended elementary school and high school in Bagley and received further education at the Agriculture School at Crookston.

He entered the Marine Corps on April 17, 1923 and was sent to Parris Island for boot camp. He became part of the Marine air-ground task force in 1927 when 5,000 Marines were sent to Nicaragua to keep the peace during the Nicaraguan Civil War. He later served in the Philippines. He was honorably discharged on June 11, 1929.

He married Gladys Sather on April 25, 1936 and they had two children, DeFrane and Mary Jane. He was a life-long resident of Bagley and was employed by the village in different departments, including the Public Utilities Commission. He was chief of the Bagley Fire Department for several years and was on the Bagley School Board.

Harry died August 25, 1954 and was buried in Bagley City Cemetery.


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