Lloyd K. Boe

   Branch: U. S. Army


   Status:  Deceased 

   Date of Service:   1944 to                                                    1945.

   Home Town:   Bagley, MN

Lloyd K. Boe

Lloyd K. Boe was born on September 6, 1923, in Nora Township, Clearwater County, MN, to parents Christ and Julia Boe.

Lloyd attended elementary school in Bagley, MN.

Lloyd entered the US Army on January 25, 1944, and completed basic training at Camp Fannin, Texas, near Tyler, Texas (RTC 84B).

Lloyd was trained as a Rifleman, Sharpshooter, and was sent to the World War II theater of operations in Northern France and Germany.  During the conflict, Lloyd was wounded and was awarded a Purple Heart.

Lloyd K. Boe was discharged from the US Army on August 16, 1945. 

Lloyd passed away on December 6, 2004 and is buried at the Oronoco, MN Cemetery.

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